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Vogue Cleaners is a professional shirt laundry and dry cleaner in Lafayette, West Lafayette and Tippecanoe County, Indiana.  We dry clean and launder shirts, pants, suits, sweaters, coats, dresses, blouses, comforters, leather coats, wedding gowns and other household items.

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What can I expect after cleaning of my leather or suede garment?

Leathers garments are made from skins taken from various portions of the animal and usually from different animals. The manufacturer tries to match the skins as uniformly as possible, but even the best matching may still show some variance in texture, weight, and color uniformity. These may be accentuated after dry cleaning or      laundry. This is why your dry cleaner may require you to sign a release form.

Variations that may occur ...
Loss of Color – Skins from various parts of the animal may have different colorfastness. The leather cleaner may be able to correct some color loss and variance through refinishing procedures.

Loss of Oils – During cleaning, some of the oils used in the tanning process to keep leather supple may be lost. A professional leather cleaner has special additives to restore the change in feel.

Scar Tissue and Vein Marks – Tanners often use fillers before dying to mask any scar tissue, and imperfections on the leather.

Wrinkles – Natural wrinkling of the skin maybe accentuated after cleaning.

Shrinkage – Some shrinkage is likely to occur over time as the skin relaxes. This may be more apparent after cleaning.

Shading From Adhesives – Glues used in seams, hems, and other areas may not be solvent-resistant. The glues may seep through the leather and cause shaded areas.

Trim Bleeding and Transfer – Leather buttons and piping on fabric items sometime causes problems by bleeding colors onto the adjacent fabric.

  • Soft Feel

  • Colors restored

  • Water repelled

  • Alterations/repairs

Suede & Leather Care

We take the extra steps necessary to insure your suede and leather coats and jackets are cleaned in a manner that preserves their appearance and value for years to come.

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